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Expertise & Capabilities

A: While we proudly showcase selected past projects on our website, there’s more that we might not be able to share publicly. We cover a vast array of verticals and are happy to share specific work examples of your area of business.

Feel free to apply to work with us here and we’ll be able to share these examples with you.

A: Our team mostly work with Ruby on Rails and ReactJS for web applications. For mobile apps, we’re using React Native. However, we’re constantly expanding our skillsets.

Feel free to submit your application here so that our growth strategists can reach out to you in order to confirm if we’ll be able to help and what options we suggest.

A: While we are very proud of our design capabilities and there is an obvious efficiency advantage to providing you with the full 360 cycle, we are happy to work with any existing design work, given that it meets all project specs and is ready to integrate.

A: We absolutely are. We offer all of our services as stand-alone options if needed. We have successfully provided clients that have in-house dev teams with easy-to-integrate design work.

General Approach

A: Yes, we are happy to introduce some of our select clients with similar scopes or backgrounds to yours who can give you a first-hand idea of their experience working with us.

A: It actually happens quite often that clients call us in as a rescue team. We salvage what we can, fix what can be fixed and work out a plan to bring your project back on track.

Our keys to building a trustful relationship are communication, transparency, quality and on-time delivery. We are also happy to provide client introductions to give you a first-hand idea of how it is to work with us.

A: Yes, we are happy to do that but this might take more time as we’ll need our legal team to go through it before signing.

Your Project

A: We kickstart every project with a Product Roadmapping Workshop. We recommend scheduling the workshop as soon as possible as we only run 1-2 workshops per month. After the workshop and once the project scope has been agreed upon, we will sign a service agreement.

Advanced Payment will be required before starting. Once payment has been made, we will schedule a kick-off call with you. Usually, within 2-4 weeks, sometimes sooner, depending on our availability.

A: In most cases, we schedule your first milestone (Product Roadmapping Workshop) one month in advance. However, you should know we keep our client list small, and we give each client our highest level of attention.

For this reason, our development services book out 2-3 months in advance. We recommend you reach out sooner than later if you’re interested; it never hurts to start the conversation early.

A: In our experience, fluent and transparent communication is key for a trustful partnership.

We work with Agile and Scrum methodologies as appropriate, and are happy to use Slack for day-to-day communication and manage workflows with bi-weekly deliverables through ClickUp or your preferred project management tool.

A: You will not have to. Our project managers will work with the Point of Contact you provide us with and guide you through our Milestone-based development process.

That said, we fully disclose who will be working on your project and you’ll have access to your entire team via Slack and video calls.

A: Our team is based in Malaysia and operates in the Malaysian timezone (UTC +8). We’re a remote-first company so we don’t have an office.

However, we’re open to scheduling face-to-face meetings if you happen to be in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as most of our team members are located here. 

A: We currently do not work out of our client’s offices but will be more than happy to schedule on-the-ground meetings if it facilitates workflow for a specific project.

Timing & Budget

A: It depends on the level of complexity, type and scale of the project. The average app or website takes 4-6 months to build. Our process is milestone-based and we have a proven track record in realistic estimates and on-time delivery.

A: We do not accept projects in exchange for equity.