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Upstack Studio is a world-class web and mobile app developer based in Malaysia with years of experience.

We specialize in helping non-technical entrepreneurs develop user centric apps to showcase their million-dollar idea.

Non-tech founder with lots of software ideas in their brain
Mark Choo
Mark Choo
Ex-CEO, Teleme
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They were much better than any development house we’d used previously.

Growing a business is tough...

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Every day you go to work.

Your mind is flooded with game-changing product ideas that will move the needle for your business. But you don’t know how to bring these ideas to life.

You see recurring problems in your team’s workflow that causes revenue leak. But you can’t seem to find the right app that solves your challenges.

Or maybe you already have the perfect app idea in mind with the high-level requirements ready. But realise your team don’t have the right skillsets to execute the vision.

Imagine this

What if you get to work with a team of digital product experts who knows how to turn napkin sketches into real shipped products?

What if you have a trusted partner that can help diagnose your problems and start designing the right product with the right strategy to stop revenue from leaking or further grow your business?

Imagine having a partner who believes that they only win when you win so they are 100% committed to making that happen.

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Introducing the Top Mobile App Developer in Malaysia

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We are on a mission to help non-technical entrepreneurs and teams level up their businesses with amazing digital products.

Here at Upstack Studio, we practice outcome-driven mobile app development. We do away with the inefficiencies & formalities that plague most software development agencies.

Our waiting list is longer than your complaints with your current or previous developers and we look for a very specific kind of client.

Maybe that’s you. It would be our honour to find out.

What we offer

Companies who trust us

Positive outcomes for web and mobile app projects like yours

Daikin Malaysia

Smart Remote Control on Your Fingertips

Shortened time to market for the GO DAIKIN mobile app. Continue to enhance, iterate and improve on the app after launch.

Remote control features of Daikin Air Conditioners
Line Graph used in GO DAIKIN Mobile App
Remote control features of Daikin Air Conditioners

BookXcess Online

Making Books Accessible and Affordable

15x eCommerce revenue after they lost 100% income due to the Movement Control Order.

BookXcess Case Study

The Malaysian Insight

Bring Unvarnished News Closer to Readers

Launched the app quickly within 2 weeks, advancing itself as one of the top news portals in Malaysia.

Sign In Screen of The Malaysian Insight Mobile App
English News Home Page of The Malaysian Insight
Chinese News Home Page of The Malaysian Insight

And it has worked out well

We’re not the best app developer for you if...

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You already know it all

We work best with teams who are experts in their industry and trust our expertise in ours. We listen closely to what our clients say, and we expect you to do the same when we offer input.

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You want “just another dev shop”

Sure, we’re skilled at web and mobile app development, but we’d be doing you a disservice if we only delivered code. Our best partnerships are with founders and teams who need software development, design, and strategic direction.

X illustration for reasons why Upstack Studio might not be the right mobile app developer for you

You are looking for free proposals

We don’t give out free quote/estimate because we respect your time and vision. Sending you a proposal just after a short call almost always guarantee over or under-estimation. Do you want a shoddy and rushed estimate that will result in project going over budget and past schedule? It’s time to do things better.

X illustration for reasons why Upstack Studio might not be the right mobile app developer for you

You’re looking for the cheapest option

No, you will not find your cheapest quote here. In fact, we may actually be the most expensive. If the project is critical to your business, do you really want to trust it to the lowest bidder?

Have a question? Maybe we already have the answer.

We recommend allocating at least 4-6 months to develop the first version of your web or mobile app.

Check out this article for a deeper dive into the topic of how long it takes to build an app.

Usually within the range of US$ 30,000 to US$ 70,000. Every project is unique and has different feature requirements so reach out to us to find out.

We’ve also written an article on app development cost breakdown here. 

Yes. We’ve helped many clients develop their native apps on both mobile platforms, Android and iOS.

We use React Native, one of the latest technology for cross-platform mobile app development.

As for the programming language, we’re using Javascript and Typescript.

Of course. The app is yours and you’re free to make any changes to it after launching it to the public.

We recommend getting user feedback and iterating according to that.

We do not provide hosting infrastructures but we always help our clients with deployment, launching the web or mobile app to their preferred cloud hosting providers.

Sounds like the exact product team you want to work with?

Let’s work together. Submit your application below and our growth strategist will reach out to you if you’re a good fit.

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